Glenn Kudrna paper book & eBook Inside Heaven - God's Country - A True Story

FInd hope and inspiration at paper book and eBook "Inside Heaven - God's Country - A True Story" by Glenn Kudrna & Patsy Lingle

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Patsy Lingle returned from her journey to Heaven to tell people about its amazing beauty beyond anyone’s imagination. Her adventure in God’s country not only altered her view on eternity but also inspired her to focus her life on helping others find peace. With hopeful descriptions of another dimension (with perfect peace, calmness, colors, lights, pain free, being totally engulfed in love, breathtaking knowledge) along with meeting people who were at perfect peace, this story will encourage readers from all walks of life. This book is for anyone who has lost a loved one, or for anyone who is in the process of losing someone, or for anyone who has doubts, fears or just questions about life after death. This should help them to understand they are not lost; they are not gone. This will give them hope and peace, and maybe inspire them to help others and improve their world, as they realize they will see loved ones again in a wonderful, supernatural, beautiful place.